Paolo is a fierce creative ally that always comes to the table with ideas that will elevate the vision of the project. His diverse portfolio is testament to his ability as a collaborator that I would highly recommend to any director or production.

Chris Chung, Director

“Paolo is one of the most talented DP’s I know. A genuine artist of light who works tirelessly to elevate production values and cinematic aesthetics on every project. He can also achieve these great things even in the most challenging environments. Highly recommended!”

Matthew Farman, Director, SeeingShapes Films

“His greatest gift as a DOP is, ironically a quality which is not even visible: when he is involved in a production or on set, you feel like anything – and I mean anything – is achievable.”

PAUL CHEUNG, Director, Fight Gravity Films

“Paolo is a pleasure to work with and is an asset to our team.  He is very professional at all times and always goes above and beyond in order to get the task completed.”

Jordan Pitt, Director, One Umbrella Production

“Whenever I find out that Paolo is part of the production crew I know that our vision is always taken beyond our expectations. A truly talented individual and an astonishing person to have on your team.”

Ben Briley, Art Director, Creative Partnerships